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Final Fantasy - You have entered a world of beauty and chaos.Welcome to Silas.

Final Fantasy FFRP.
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The timeline is indiscernable - men armed with swords across their backs walk side by side with those who utilize guns, chocobos serve masters who also own strange, metallic means of transportation, and no two individuals are ever dressed in the same fashion of attire. It is truly an age of convergence where survival is key amidst the elements. Many of the well loved, familiar cities of old have crumbled to despair and ruination, driving those from every walk of the universe to huddle together on one plane - Cloud traverses the same torn city streets as Kuja, whilest Terra ducks into the lone forest that Squall may have utilized only hours earlier - by the loss of their homes, they have all come to be together in this place. Thanks to the rule of Orien nothing is safe anymore, he controls every single town and those within it.

There is little to differentiate the many metropolis cities dappled across the realm of Silas, but altogether there are four places to choose habitance from --

The main trading/merchant town. There're market places, several reputable inns, and those with a head for cash accumulation. Various types of business trades come here to thrive and flourish. You'll find everything all in one place - anything from assassins and mercenaries for hire to flower girls and weapons traders, this is where you'll want to be. Under the table slaves, and real estate? All right here. It is because of everything being centered in one place that the crime rate is unspeakable, even with the efforts of officials. You can definitely find anything and everything here, including thieves as well. All in all it would resemble a futuristic vision of a New York City - Los Angelus hybrid, plus or minus a few details.

The main port town for fishermen and sea dwellers, and the most beautiful of all five cities. One of the last to be supported by its natural surroundings most individuals choose this as their honeymooning spot - right off the sparkling aquamarine Lydian Sea, the quaint village is dappled by romantic little huts along the sprawling white-beach coastline, while the water itself is heavily populated with vessels. This is the major hotspot if you're looking to find a ship or two to head off on a wild adventure or quest. It is a penisula that is said to have been blessed by ancient magics of the people whose land it was originally before the great war. No one knows why but this city has thrived for over two thousand recorded years, as far back as public records allow. It is the most peaceful of all the cities, though is is still under the tyranical rule that not even it's magic could help it escape.

The heavily feared, murky city which those without funds or futures tend to lurk. More often than not the only thing to be found in this place is the worst dregs of society, aimlessly wandering around the grimy, smoke stained streets, those that have been forgotten by the world, and in turn have forgotten it. No one goes out after dark in this place. It's been rumored to have been an old capital destroyed by malevolent magic and hatred, and has become more of a slum than anything else. The creatures that slink the shadow soaked streets when the second sun goes down are most certainly vicious, to be feared and unquestioned. It's been whispered that they're monstrosities of the souls who perished in the all consuming rage that swallowed the people whole. Those who have challenged this legend have never returned.

Most people will never see inside these towering gates. This is the single, renewed capital of Silas where its main ruler and benefactor, Commander Orien Diego, resides in the twelve story Palace. It is surrounded by hundreds of aptly trained armed soldiers compiled of fanatics worshipping Orien and young men too afraid to defy him, all willing to die for their leader. The country's main army stays positioned here unless told otherwise. Within the well protected gates the inner sanctum of this place could have easily belonged in an entirely other universe : there are functional nuclear families, clean streets, honest merchants, and everything is done perfectly down to the very last detail. Crime is dealt with severely here, so it is lessened greatly. This is a place composed of nobles, those with a ton of cash, and the intelligent.

Also of note : Lalorna and the Hayate desert.

There isn't much to be said about the desert, save for the dangerous conditions. The temperatures can rise and drop without warning, leaving the individual attempting to brave this bridge from Defiate to Centralis in a sack of frozen, scorched bones. It's one of the only ways to reach Centralis, save for sailing there. Other than that there is little ot be said about the desert, save for an old wive's rumor of there being a hidden, ancient wreck of an old city somewhere within. But most discard it as a myth. And the only thing to remember about Lalorna is that there are perhaps a handful of individuals who actually remember what happened there.. but not even they will be forced to speak of it, the crime so horrific. A few fragments of history hint that a maniacal leader wrecked genocide there and wiped out an entire race of people in one night. The only reminder left of the tragic event are the thousands of unmarked crosses that adorn the ground like morbid decorations. The land there is very powerful, ripe with both the magic to empower those with a need for revenge and those who wish to heal. It is a conflicted place which many fear to tread near. Perhaps the dead have learned to whisper loudly in one voice.

Mind these places, and stick to forested nature walks, and you'll be fine.


There are only two prerequisite qualifications needed for joining this community : Have a healthy obsession for the Final Fantasy line and Write actively and productively. There is no defining line of where you can start, or how, or with which character, as long as everyone keeps tabs here on who has claimed which Final Fantasy character. Keep in mind there are no original characters in this roleplaying community - if that's what you're looking for, I have a twin community I'm working on - and that although you cannot create your character you can make your own surroundings, as long as its concurrent with the rules of the game. No matter who you choose to play you can throw your own dash of personality into it. This is all for fun and the betterment of our roleplaying skills. All this being said, let the games begin!

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