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The Serenity of a Moonlight Sky, the Calm Before the Storm ~Alma Post~

“It’s a quiet town isn’t it Shinta? And so beautiful as well! Just look at that sea! I should bring Laguna here one time when he’s off....”

It had taken Alma and her Chocobo companion many hours to find them a hotel they could afford, and or influence. Magic seemed to be one of the perfect briberies in this town, seeming to have it and yet no one dared to use it. The Summoner was not one to use it in this sense, only wanting to help out the innocent in ways normal people cannot.

After being drenched in the sea outside the Marina, the two searched the city soaked. There was nothing but the beating sun to dry them off, and allowed them entrance into building once their water trails had dried. Well, let Alma in at least. When they had came upon one of the main resorts of the Marina, mostly for vacationers and newly weds, the fee for Alma to get a room was far too pricey, and she had to ration her money greatly for food and such. But the father of the owner of the resort was sick with a type of cancer, not yet cured by medicine or machinery. With a touch of white magic he was back to normal, and everything Alma (and Shinta) could ever ask for from this Resort was now theirs. They had earned this room, but at what cost?

But now Alma stood on the balcony of the penthouse room, her cape wrapped tightly about her body to keep her warm from the cool night air. The moonlight speckling down upon made it look as if it was glowing, a shining curtain of water that extended for miles and upon miles towards the horizon. The horns and bells of boats softly echoed through the night air, Alma’s curious sea-green eyes following each one with a smile.

“Wow... it’s so neat! I’ve seen the sea and been over it but never have I seen such beautiful beaches and such a sparkling ocean! I guess the fear of giant killer fish isn’t much of a worry on this side is it?”

The reply from Shinta was nothing more than a groan of pain and discomfort. A few warks came from inside of the room, with another low groan of pain and the claws of Shinta scratching against the floor. Alma gave out a deepened sigh as she heard her friend, turning about and walking inside while the door closed behind with a mental thought. Shinta lay there on the sheets of the bed, spread about the floor like a little nest with the pillows, one raised and wrapped with bandages that showed a couple blotches of different red. The formation was clear though, a bite into his leg, most likely from very sharp teeth, but from something smaller than the adult Chocobo.

“I told you once and I shall tell you again Shinta. The reason I won’t heal you is so you can learn your lesson. You jumped into the water like a fool, with me on your back, completely forgetting that it was the ocean, and a deep part of the ocean as well. Which men there had to be fish nearby with razor sharp teeth.”


Shinta gave a small cry as he pleaded with big blue teary eyes for the pain to stop. Not only was he not allowed to heal, but Alma made him walk every step on his own as they searched for a place to stay for the night. Of course, his reaction to the wound was like that of a child, wanting to escape the pain. Alma gave another deepened sigh to her friend, reaching his side with her staff in hand and placed a hand softly against the outer bandages.

“Life’s refreshing breeze... blow in energy... cure...”

The summoners finger began to give off a white glow as magical energy of the heavens began to channel through her body. The bandages slowly began to come undone, the blood within Shinta’s feathers drying and vanishing, as each bite into his leg vanished from off of his feather skin. Shinta gave a smile and then moved his head over to nudge against Alma’s, as if thanking her without words for healing the wound.

Then the Chocobo went straight to sleep like the lazy fart it was. Alma was tempted to pop the snot bubble inflating and deflating with every breath, but would rather not to have chicken snot on her finger. Instead she returned to the outside to watch the clouds roll over the night sky, taking the moon into it’s grasp to hold the light, before releasing it once again. Her breath was visible again as she listened to the waves of the harbor, laying against the railing of the balcony, enjoying the moment.

But a sudden chill down her back stirred her from her relaxed moment. Her eyes looked out to see with confusion upon her face, grasping the railing tightly. It was not a chill of cold, nothing of the sort. More like the feeling when trouble was brewing. The feeling of the calm before the storm.

‘Something’s..... not right....
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