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Recreating an old time, painting the new dawn {Alma Post}

The conversation between two happy siblings had lasted from the break of dawn and late into the evening. They continued on and on over memories that were mostly Alma’s instead of Sephiroth’s. He continuously used fragmented memories to keep Alma smiling, in fear of seeing sadness on her face, so instead continued lying, and yet at once he was telling the truth all the same.

They sat by the sea for hours upon hours, even Sephiroth’s curiosity of his sister peaking through the general mask that had been sewn to his face. Time to time a smile appeared on his face, small, but seeming almost like a fragile sign of hope, breaking through the insanity he had lived. It always made her laugh when she saw the curling of his lips, and he quickly sealed it away again. But it was out of happiness, to see the real smile upon her brothers face instead of the maybe fragmented memory she had implanted to keep her going.

They talked about her magic training, her life on the world outside their own within the shining, and large City of Esthar, towering Shinra 10 times in size and technology. Her friends at her new home, Kiros, Ward, and of course, Laguna. It seemed every time she spoke of him her cheeks lit up brightly with a color pink, and every time she did Sephiroth’s expression turned serious. A hint of brotherly overprotection? It was the same when she spoke of summoning, his warnings being useless as she told him her journeys with them. Swimming in the sea with Levthian, playing ball with Moogles and Carbunkle, speaking with Odin at his highest peak, even riding upon the back of Bahamut as he cut across the sky.

But it was when she spoke of Odin her concern returned. The smile faded and a look of seriousness returned. For a moment she did not want to explain what had happened, but even Sephiroth’s worry began to grow with it. Something had happened at Esthar that never had before... a full out attack by monsters of the desert sands.

“They came in great numbers... even ones who competed for land stood side by side in a full out attack against the city. We were able to defeat them with the help of Bahamut but... they seemed a bit more... panicked than most... I went to see Odin for advice, a free willed guardian who travels the land. He told me a great evil was rising within the universe... and that... there was similarity from another time... but... I just don’t know what... he would tell me no more, that answers would come to me...”

Alma tried to quickly change their conversation there after, usually ending up on the same topic in which she would turn her brothers face pale, even as he tried to retain his serious expression. There were moments when she questioned their life, almost babbling on in confusion. She wanted to know why, how, what? He slowly tried to dwindle her fear and pain as the silver haired general took his ‘little’ sister into his arms. No longer was she small enough to fit within his grasp like a small porcine doll, but was soon calmed by his soothing voice as he stopped the tears of mako that wept from her eyes and finally brought her into a dreaming sleep.

He had watched over her through the night, even as the dawn began to peak over the ocean again, watching the young girl sleep in the bed of his hut. From time to time Alma, or even you could call her Jen at this very moment, her body tossed with nightmares until she finally calmed yet again. There were many moments where she began to giggle, and speak incoherent words within her sleep, even allowing the once cold hearted general to peak from behind the mask he had forced himself to wear and grow a smile, maybe too small for one to notice within the amount of time he held it, but it was there.

Soon Shinta entered the hut, after returning from hours of prancing about, escaping the law and getting himself into more trouble as he returned to the hotel room to fetch something of Alma’s. It seemed he was more or less sneaking in, in most likely fear of Sephiroth after the attack he had tried to accomplish, and foolishly failed. Within his beak was a glass bottle though, shut tight from it’s continents from falling out, but it was white. Medicine. Numerous times Alma had been tested for them to figure out why she was so weak. She had blood loss, yes, but the doctors noticed that she had high amounts of Mako radiation, and even upon a planet so far, they knew of the dangerous material. They wanted to perform more tests upon her but she refused, seeming fearful of men in white lab coats. Laguna had proposed them wearing blue, but it did not stir her from her fear.

Finally Alma began to wake as she looked up to her brother with a happy smile. It was more of a look of relief though, a relief that what she had seen was not a dream but reality. He was real, he was sitting there, there for real, she was not dreaming, but living the dream she had slept through for many years.

“Good morning Sephy...”
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