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Beyond the Desert Sands... ~Alma Post~

 Within the Hayate Desert at mid-noon, ones worst enemy would be that of the blazing sun. The god of fire poured down hot rays of light, making the sand burn like hot coal, and each step like a step through Hell itself. A foolish pass for people to take, a walkway of death. In the bright day your body sweats and fries beneath the hands of the Sun, burning horribly until your body runs as dry as the sand and decays away into the miles upon miles of sand. Once the horizon swallows the Sun, the world becomes a frozen wasteland. A shadow of death that sweeps over in only moments, as frozen lifeless eyes stare up to the starry infinity. A foolish path to take, right?

“Wark wark waaaaaaark...”

“I’m sorry Shinta I’m sorry.... I promise we’ll be there in only a few minutes! The town should be coming over the horizon any minute now!!”

Fools were they. The summoner Alma, riding upon her Chocobo Shinta traversed through the desert for a town. Shinta’s wings had given out long ago in flight, of course, landing in this forsaken sea of sand and stone. Foolish journeys are always traveled by fools, but for once, these fools were not so horribly foolish.... Well the Chocobo was definitely foolish. Foolish, lazy, and hungry.


“Yes I know I know Shinta! I can see something on the horizon! We’ll be there soooon!”

“Wark wark warkwark....”

“No, we’re still going to travel even after we get to town. If we don’t find him there we’re moving on.”


“No Shinta. Laguna has finally let me free, and willing to let me go. I think I’m safe enough to travel to find him.”

“Wark wark wark wark wark wark wark?”

“I know he’ll be there because that's what my heart tells me Shinta.”

“..... wark wark wark wark?”


Alma, unlike many people would think, had a very short temper. Especially in this hot heat she was still able to raise her wooden staff to strike, and strike hard she did. Shinta, reluctantly kept moving though with the woman who had just struck her on his red feathery back. He wished to be beneath the cloak she wore over her head, shading her body and face, though she was so horribly hot beneath the hot black dress. Shinta’s red feathers only reflected the light, as he continued to trudge along at a slow speed, claws digging into the sand as they went up a hill, both travelers sweating.

But relief filled their faces as the shining ocean of the Lydian sea was seen before them, shining the sun up towards the sky again like a sparkling Eden of salty water. Only on the shores up a bit more was the Marina, another paradise with two things each wanted: Food, and Bed. Suddenly strength came back to Shinta’s legs as Alma’s hands had to hold onto his neck to keep from falling from his back. The cape that once covered flew off her body, to reveal the silver locks of hair, and was almost lost if it wasn’t for a quick small hand.

“SHINTA!!!! SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Alma’s scream was completely ignored as Shinta ran straight for the sea. Within moments they had reached an empty beach side and he quickly made a jump into the sparkling salty water, taking both him, and his dressed summoner friend for the ride.

The two quickly rose to the top as the chocobo swam about like a happy child, his two feet keeping him above water with a type of doggy paddle. Alma also rose to the top, her hair soaked and sticking to her face, as her dress and cape were also soaked with the salty water. Thankfully her cape had remained on the coast, which meant that most of her supplies, well the ones she had remembered to pack, were safe and dry on the beach. Shinta quickly saw that he had dragged Alma into the water as her cheeks burned with furry.

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